Program summaries should include information you have learned about a program, for example:

  • impressions of the PD, APDs, other faculty/attendings
  • impressions of the residents
  • culture of the program, pressure on residents to read quickly
  • exposure to procedures, how do readouts work, moonlighting available etc.
  • hospital characteristics: size, trauma, pediatric exposure, community/academic/mixed etc.
  • types/number of spots available, ESIR available
  • fellowship matches

Program Summaries

New Jersey - Newark
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Program
Merging with st Barnabas and Newark Beth Israel to become rutgers north.

High liver transplant volume (with see lots of lung and renal transplant with the merger)
Easily the most disorganized interview day I’ve ever been to. No individual itineraries were given so candidates had no clue when they were interviewing and with whom. Candidates got pulled during the presentation to go interview and then came back asking questions that were answered in the presentation. Served nasty cafeteria food for lunch. High board failure rate (2,1,2) board failures in the past 3 years