Program summaries should include information you have learned about a program, for example:

  • impressions of the PD, APDs, other faculty/attendings
  • impressions of the residents
  • culture of the program, pressure on residents to read quickly
  • exposure to procedures, how do readouts work, moonlighting available etc.
  • hospital characteristics: size, trauma, pediatric exposure, community/academic/mixed etc.
  • types/number of spots available, ESIR available
  • fellowship matches

Program Summaries

Arizona - Tucson
University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson Program
I really liked this place last year. Facilities seemed nice, faculty and residents down to earth. Newish chair trying to improve the program. Quietly I think this isn't far from being a solid training program. Don't remember other specifics though.

I think this program is highly underrated. The chair will be appointed soon. I don’t think it has suffered as much as one would think losing some of its body faculty. Facilities are top notch and the residents are awesome. Independent call. Banner is heavily investing in residents’ wellness. Some really insane research opportunities. I think this program is much more solid than we give them credit for.
Heard they lost practically their entire body section after the chair of the department was ousted by Banner. Lots of drama and program seems to be in flux.