Program summaries should include information you have learned about a program, for example:

  • impressions of the PD, APDs, other faculty/attendings
  • impressions of the residents
  • culture of the program, pressure on residents to read quickly
  • exposure to procedures, how do readouts work, moonlighting available etc.
  • hospital characteristics: size, trauma, pediatric exposure, community/academic/mixed etc.
  • types/number of spots available, ESIR available
  • fellowship matches

Program Summaries

Texas - Dallas
Baylor University Medical Center Program (Dallas)
See Baylor Houston info above - wrong. these porgrams aren't affiliated

Whoever deleted whatever was shouldn't have. Baylor Houston and Baylor Dallas are not affiliated and are very different programs. I don't remember what the original post here said but it was along the lines of this being a good community program with lots of moonlighting.

Addition: Sorry about that, I did a rotation at Baylor dallas and the attendings emails all ended in (American Radiology Associates). I think thats a private group but different from Rad Partners.

Moonlighting is pretty good here. Prelim year is good too.