Program summaries should include information you have learned about a program, for example:

  • impressions of the PD, APDs, other faculty/attendings
  • impressions of the residents
  • culture of the program, pressure on residents to read quickly
  • exposure to procedures, how do readouts work, moonlighting available etc.
  • hospital characteristics: size, trauma, pediatric exposure, community/academic/mixed etc.
  • types/number of spots available, ESIR available
  • fellowship matches

Program Summaries

Missouri - St Louis
Washington University/B-JH/SLCH Consortium Program
Better known as the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (MIR)
Overall: top 10 in country, #1 in Midwest (Doximity reputation),
Aunt Minnie Best Radiologist Training Program 2019 semifinalist
Hospitals characteristics (BJH+SLCH+BJWC): 1828 beds, $7.6B patient revenue, Level I trauma, Level I pediatric trauma, 947 residents
Program size: #1 largest program in the country, 18 per class (15 DR advanced, 1 research DR, 2 IR/DR, ESIR available)
Diagnostic Radiology NIH funding FY 2018: $37 million (#5 rank)

*"On average, one or two international medical graduates are accepted per training year. Barnes-Jewish Hospital sponsors the J1 visas.
Washington University will only sponsor those who have a position as an employee. This means the university will not sponsor an H-1B for the postdoctoral research scholar or postdoctoral fellow title. Only individuals appointed as postdoctoral research associates (employee title) qualify for H-1B status. Those who are in a Clinical Fellow role type must have an employee title. Currently, the title of “Clinical Fellow Associate” is being used. If the physician will be moonlighting, then an appointment as an Instructor must also be approved and the H application will need to be filed with a joint title of “Clinical Fellow Associate/Instructor.”

Applications for H-1B status at WashU are handled internally after being initiated by the hiring department. Approval is generally required by the department’s business manager. The University does not allow employees to hire their own attorney to file an H-1B petition."
J-1 and H-1B