Program summaries should include information you have learned about a program, for example:

  • impressions of the PD, APDs, other faculty/attendings
  • impressions of the residents
  • culture of the program, pressure on residents to read quickly
  • exposure to procedures, how do readouts work, moonlighting available etc.
  • hospital characteristics: size, trauma, pediatric exposure, community/academic/mixed etc.
  • types/number of spots available, ESIR available
  • fellowship matches

Program Summaries

Georgia - Augusta
Medical College of Georgia Program
What a hidden treat of a program. I was thoroughly surprised how much I loved this place. I got a great vibe from the residents and faculty that everyone got along super well and were funny. They really seem to have a great work-life balance. The proximity of a large medical school allows for many ways to get involved with med student education and seems to be a good program for those interested in academics. Moonlighting is reading plain films 1hr at a time for $150 and they are talking about expanding these opportunities. They have really good volume and independent call. Area offers very affordable COL (most residents own nice homes for cheap) with many outdoor activities. If you're a golfer this is a great place for it with the masters. The APD is one of my favorite faculty I've met.
Moonlighting seems limited to maybe 4-5 1-hr shifts a month ($600-750 a month) but more is supposedly coming. Augusta isnt a thriving metropolis so it probably wouldn't be ideal for those single or wanting a big city, but Atlanta is about 2 hrs away. Food stipend is limited at 300 a year. The program name doesn't seem to carry far outside of Georgia. They state that chest is pretty weak there as they don't have good dedicated faculty for it.