Interview Impressions

New York - Syracuse
SUNY Upstate Medical University Program
10/08, 10/4
Growing IR program, with ESIR in the pipeline

Very good vibes from the residents.

Cost of living in the area is great.

Fellowship matches were excellent. Example this years class is sending people to mass gen, michigan, and duke. Mass gen resident is doing IR there.

Good board passing %

Very kind and supportive administration

Residents couldn’t stop talking about how well prepared by conferences they were for the CORE
Program seems to cut corners alot financially (i.e. pre-interview event was not a dinner, just appetizers). Does not pay for housing at AIRP
-multiple residents mentioned that chair was "cheap" and this was the first year they've been allowed to host pre-interview happy hour.
-Residents complained about moonlighting--stated they were severely underpaid at $40/hr

PD never gave a speech or anything about the program and seemed a bit uninvolved in the process. TBH he was a little bit awkward.

Most unorganized interview day/pre interview dinner that I've had so far.

PD didn’t speak to us either, but he was really into our 1 on 1 conversation. I think he’s just a laid back guy.

As to the cheap comment - ya I got a little bit of that feeling too. A little hospitality goes a long way. I think the lack of perks is this programs biggest negative. I have no doubt the training would be great however.