Interview Impressions

Illinois - Chicago
University of Chicago Program
10/9/2018, 10/22
10/14, 10/03, 09/16
10/2, 10/11 (full), 10/16, 10/30
Yes, dinner at restaurant/external location
- Very low amount of call; apparently only 2-3 weeks of nights per year
- No 7am conferences (only noon conferences)
- Residents seem super friendly and legitimately like each other
- Lots of program-funded parties
- Great fellowship placements - lots go to UCSF, Stanford, University of Washington
- PD is quirky (doesn't shake hands) but seems nice and genuinely interested in program success (per residents)
- Not very family-oriented (most residents are young and not married) >> not sure this is a negative for single people but my opinion +1
- Campus is safe, but south of campus and west of campus are not safe
- Chicago traffic is bad
Midway airport is much closer than O'Hare; consider trying to fly into Midway if you can. If you do land at O'Hare though you can take trains to near the campus without too much trouble. Be aware that there are two types of trains (and thus you need two different types of tickets) - Ventra and Metra. The pre-interview dinner is downtown, about 15-20 minutes north of campus by train.