Interview Impressions

Ohio - Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati Medical Center/College of Medicine Program
10/9, 10/3, 10/4
10/25, 10/28, 11/1, 11/8, 11/15, 11/18, 12/13, 12/16, 12/20, 1/6, 1/10
Yes, dinner at restaurant/external location
-high volume,
-recently updated reading rooms are VERY nice.
-Peds is obviously very big at Cinci, they also talked up their 3D printing.
-per the residents the classes are pretty evenly mixed of married v. single, 8 total per year so some diversity.
-faculty is supposedly ~50:50 male:female, though definitely more male residents.
Per last year's spreadsheet, one APD asked illegal questions to everyone (which continued this year). Attendings provide coverage 24/7, but it doesn't sound like they do much teaching or interact with residents when they are on nights.