Interview Impressions

Maryland - Baltimore
University of Maryland Program
10/4, 10/11, 10/15, 10/22, 11/05, 11/12, 11/19, 11/26, 12/10, 12/17, 01/07
Yes, dinner at restaurant/external location
Really liked the PD. Interviewers had clearly read my application and were great to talk to. Residents seem close knit and are laid back. Excellent moonlighting (contrast rxt for 75/hr with plenty of shifts to go around). Research not required but plentiful. Residents raved about teaching from attendings. Very flexible vacation scheduling and lots of free time leading up to Core exam.
have to live in bmore >> baltimore is underrated, three cool chill areas in the inner harbor, low COL, and UMD is in a good area.