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Minnesota - Minneapolis
University of Minnesota Program
10/9, 10/10, 11/5
10/02, 09/16
10/15(full), 10/22 (full), 10/29 (full), 11/7(full), 11/12 (full), 11/14 (full), 11/19(full), 12/3 (full), 12/5(full), 12/10(full)
Yes, dinner at restaurant/external location
Definitely use the light rail (Blue Line train) if you fly into MSP airport. Train ticket cost is less than $5. The light rail has stops inside (underneath) the airport and right on the University of Minnesota east bank campus (5 minute walk to the hospital/radiology department). Trains run 24/7 except between ~1am - ~4am (run every 10 minutes during the day so you don't need to memorize a train schedule or anything). Note: As you head north on the Blue Line train you will need to switch platforms at the US Bank Stadium station (walk over the tracks to the other platform, and take the Green Line train eastbound toward St. Paul). You don't need a new ticket. The train gets a bit sketchy (less safe) after 9:00-10:00pm but before that has a lot of commuters, kids getting out of school, etc.