Interview Impressions

New York - Rochester
University of Rochester Program
10/16, 09/25
10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 11/4, 11/11, 11/25, 12/9, 12/16
Some residents were odd but they were all nice.

Resident(s?) loved mentioning wine from Rochester is better than Napa Valley.

Majority of reading rooms are new and one site is being redone again.

Call: About 3 months night float R2-R4. Work ~1/5 weekends, both days.

Large catchment area, dominates the region with no competition. Transplant center. Very good moonlighting.
Anyone know if they plan on having ESIR?

I emailed and asked: They said no, and said there was no plan to get it.

PD seemed indifferent. +1 (agreed) (-1 Not my experience. Seemed interested in the interview.) Not everyone got to interview with PD. +1 I did not like that vibe.

You get split between two campuses.

Main campus is buying more hospitals in region but not adding staff to keep up with volume. (We were told they are done acquiring new hospitals and expect more faculty to join with the new chair.)

Residents seemed to agree that parking was pretty bad. Garaged parking next to hotel is around $120/mo. Otherwise, there's an uncovered lot for $30/month--but something strange about needing to leave your spare key in a lock box so that cars can be shuffled during the day.+1 this seems shitty.

Resident-dependent program.

Residents all got started on the food before applicants arrived and applicants got what was left. There was plenty of (cold) food left, but it wasn’t classy.

Business casual dress, although some wore scrubs.
Some hotels in the area offer both hotel and hospital shuttles. Shop around.