Interview Impressions

Virginia - Richmond
Virginia Commonwealth University Health System Program
10/21-10/24, 11/4-11/7, 12/9-12/12 (all full except 11/7)
Yes, dinner at restaurant/external location
-Residents emphasized procedure work, even though fellows are present (not many fellows)
-Major renovations coming to radiology department (done fall 2022)
- Residents were not super forthcoming to discuss call, which I was confused by -- call was favorably talked about at my dinner since you start R2 and the newer residents like how telerads reduce over night volume, but some seniors said it's a negative
- Major renovations coming to radiology department (done fall 2022), which is concerning to be interfering/disrupting with workflow and training as a resident.
- (this is from a Doximity review from a "current resident or recent alum" that has been on the site for a couple years -- was this actually said at an interview day or dinner? I'm confused if this actually reflects the current program as the chiefs did not mention this) According to a current resident "I would definitely *not* have gone to VCU for my radiology residency again. There are certain huge issues with this program that I didn't know about before starting. The biggest problem with this program is that most decisions affecting residents are made by an "executive committee" - not by the program director or with any resident input. This executive committee is made up of the chairwoman of the department, two secretaries (e.g., non-MDs), and only 3 other attending physicians. This small group of people is extremely far removed from the day-to-day functioning of the program, and simply do not make appropriate decisions regarding the functioning of the residency program. In fact, I would go so far as to say that they often make decisions that directly negatively impact the residents.The level of support for our residents from the administration and from the program director is also completely non-existent.I would strongly encourage anyone thinking of coming to this program to reconsider your options before ranking this program highly." (Source: doximity)