Interview Impressions

Michigan - Royal Oak
Beaumont Health (Royal Oak) Program
9/21, 10/10
09/20, 10/22
10/21 (full), 10/22(full), 10/25(full), 11/11(full), 11/12(full), 11/15(full), 11/18(full), 11/19(full), 11/22(full), 12/09(full), 12/10 (full), 12/13
Yes, dinner at restaurant/external location
-fun dinner but there are a lot of applicants at one time so it can be busy (it's 8 to a table)
-interview day starts with chiefs walking you down to Starbucks to order w.e you want
-4 1-on1 15minute interviews (1 PD, 1apd, 1 faculty, 1 chief). All very nice and easy going
-tour of facilities
-lunch in the doctors dining room where you sit at 2 long tables and servers take your order (important to recognize they don't just do this for interviews...this is the normal way rads residents eat lunch together everyday at 1130!)
-noon conference 12-1 then informal q&a with residents who stay behind to chat with you
-chief gives a really transparent PPT presentation about everything the program has to offer
-end by 1 or 130 depending on how much u want to chat with residents
PD was friendly but didn’t seem super interested or informed on my application +1

-parking is free anywhere on campus but the easiest is to park on 2nd floor of South lot and wall across the bridge which basically takes you right to the rads department