Interview Impressions

Rhode Island - Providence
Brown University Program
10/28 (Waitlist), 10/09, 10/7
11/1, 11/8, 11/15, 11/22, 12/13
Yes, dinner at restaurant/external location
Bus Tour
Knead Donuts
Plenty of moonlighting
Residents seemed to get lots of exposure to procedures if that’s something you’re into
Attached prelim “interview” just an info session
-bus tour of providence and fun a great idea lots of programs should offer especially if they're In a city no one really visits
-3 interviews total- PD, apd, chair, but not everyone had the same interviewers...
Interview with PD felt rushed
All physicians employed by RIMI which is a private practice
Many interviewees in one day so hard to talk with residents in preinterview dinner
Disorganized interviewing with 1-2 interviews in AM AND PM, not everyone interviews with the same people
Residents responsible for maintaining the list, doing procedures
Call Q6-8 depending on class size
Trivia to win shirts but didn’t prepare enough shirts for all winners
Some rotations start at 8, some at 7 so residents can consent patients for procedures
Must do prelim In RI to moonlight R1
-there we're so many applicants for one day but not good planning: 1 or 2 interviews in the morning and then 1 or 2 interviews in the afternoon AFTER lunch. This means you have massive gaps of time during the day where u doing nothing. Maybe talking to a resident if you have questions. There weren't even enough seats for residents and applicants for lunch...
-didn't get to talk to many residents because there were so many applicants
-food at lunch wasn't labeled for some reason and they were sandwiches you really had to guess on. Also no water provided with breakfast. A simple option to have...
-the day is so long from 730-3 because of all the extra time gaps in between. it was so long, but didn't feel like I go to learn more about the program for the time spent, because there is so much sitting around

Dress code is shirt and tie.