Interview Impressions

Florida - Orlando
AdventHealth Orlando Program
10/31, 10/11, 10/02, 10/1, 10/4
10/14(Full), 10/21(Full), 10/28(Full), 11/11(Full), 11/18, 12/2(Full), 12/9(Full)
Yes, dinner at restaurant/external location
Comped hotel room, within walking distance to hospital. They show you around everywhere, small group of 8-10 that gets split into 2 groups. Cafeteria, call rooms, reading rooms, scanners, angio room, intraop MRI. Residents are very friendly and smart, lots of name dropping - one of them is from JHUSOM, others casually mention that they interviewed at top institutions like Mayo Rochester, Mich, Emory and ranked Orlando #1 because of how good they have it. Seems like unlimited moonlighting, no call, no weekends except for 3-4 weeks per year of night float that is all in 1 month. Faculty love to teach, are young, and get along well with residents. Matched at top programs like MD Anderson.
New PD, third in 3-4 years. Dinner the night before was pizza.

PD change is a good thing tbh, I rotated here and just interviewed last week and I think the new PD and APD are strengths of the program as they have plans to place the emphasis on the residents...they're super supportive and quite young leadership which helps.
The hotel keeps emailing me, but not the program.
Yes, both.
Try to split the uber to the hotel to/from the airport, it's $30-$40.