Interview Impressions

New York - New York
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (West) Program
10/18, 10/21,10/28, 11/1, 11/4, 11/7, 11/11, 11/15, 11/18, 11/21, 11/25, 12/9, 1/10
Yes, dinner at restaurant/external location
Breakfast and lunch provided. 8 people interviewed per day. Chill vibes, seems like they associate themselves with Mt Sinai hospital a lot. Wednesday is dedicated lecture day (~5 hours). 30 minute interviews, half relaxed, half structured-questions (tell me about a time when ...) but the faculty and chiefs are very nice people!

Subsidized housing very close to the hospital, but still dated and expensive imo. Water included but not electricity.

Long interview day with a lot of time sitting with residents. Really nice and normal people, just seemed like the day could be coordinated better to end earlier.

No IR call (YMMV if this is pro/con)
Need a key for the bathroom. Also bathrooms were far, which could be good if you didn't want them to hear you in there. (not a big deal)

Subsidized housing still expensive.

The ESIR spots are 4/Year but this includes Mount Sinai main so you’re also competing with residents at that location.