Interview Impressions

Minnesota - Rochester
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science (Rochester) Program
10/21 (full), 10/22 (full), 10/24 (full), 10/28 (full), 10/29 (full), 11/4 (full), 11/5 (full), 11/7 (full), 11/11 (full), 11/12 (full), 11/18 (full), 11/19 (full), 11/22 (full), 12/16 (full), 12/17 (full), 12/20 (full), 1/6 (full), 1/7 (full), 1/10
Loved the faculty, residents were very friendly. Sold the program well. Mayo sees tons of cases that most people would only read about. Call seemed average. Lots of benefits for vacation and travel. Moonlighting was so-so. Beautiful hospital. PD seemed super nice and supportive. Lots of people go in thinking they will hate Rochester and end up staying for fellowship and faculty positions.
Rochester has the Mayo Clinic and that's about it. Location was a huge turn off, weather in Rochester is horrible without amenities of larger northern cities to make up for it. R1s have to do moonlighting-type work without getting paid extra (staying late for contrast coverage). Lower trauma volume.
Yes, both.